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welcome to pool Removals and interstate removals specialist
Our business specializes in above and in ground pool removals, including and not limited to vinyl-liner pool , fiberglass pool and concrete pool. We also service in interstate relocations Australia Wide and have a team of energetic and highly motivated professionals with a combined experience of 20 years in the industry.
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5 Bedroom home interstate furniture moving service

Perth to Adelaide

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4 Bedroom home interstate move from Queensland to Regional Victoria
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8 Bedroom house furniture interstate removals from Melbourne to Perth
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Quality Pool Removal

Specializing in Above and In-ground pool removals consisting of fibreglass, vinyl pool and concrete pools

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Interstate Moving Service

We provide home and furniture removals across Australia on budget and on time with no compromise

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Tailored Professional Advice

A team of professionals with a combined experience of 20 years in the industry will work with you and give you honest professional advice

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concrete In-ground Pool removals starting at $5000*
Whether you bought a house with a pool that you don't need or an existing pool that is taking up too much prime real estate
We can help you make the most out of your space
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Dear Adrian,

I wish to thank you for an excellent job in removing our old pool!

The team was very professional in removing the pool, it was evident from site preparation that the team knew what they were doing from the get go. The hassle free removal of the pool concrete, filling with clean fill and final clean up had all gone smoothly. The job was completed on time and within budget.

We have grand plans for our newly created backyard space which has opened up the space right up! It would make a delightful space for entertaining our friends and family.

I would be happy to recommend you to anyone for quality pool removal.

Barnett Schwarmers  - Toorak, Victoria


If you live in Australia, you know how one starts to dread an interstate move. It’s a lot more difficult than just packing up and shifting suburbs or local area, and the farther you’re going, the worse it gets. What are the best options for moving all your belongings from one state to another?

First, think about what you really want to take with you, and cull your collection of stuff accordingly. Think about whether it would be cheaper to ship a particular item or repurchase it at your destination. You’d be surprised at all the junk you’ve accumulated over the years! Try and make things easier both on yourself and on your removalist by taking only the stuff you really want to have in your new home in a new state.

When you’ve slimmed down your pile of belongings, it is now time to start looking for a removalist. It is crucial to do your research at this step. Choosing the right interstate removalist is the difference between a teeth-gritting nightmare of a move and a relatively painless one. Moving is already an incredibly stressful process so why add to it with an inexperienced or dodgy moving company? You could end up with your belongings taking ages to get to your new home, lost, damaged, or even worse case stolen! Using a removalist based purely on cost as your deciding factor may not be a wise choice with an interstate move, if you don’t trust them it is a recipe for disaster, and saving a few dollars with a will ultimately end up costing you in the long run. Make sure you weigh up a variety of factors when deciding with which interstate moving company to go with. These factors may include someone you know you can trust, with fair rates, insurance on your property, reliability, testimonials and experienced drivers and movers to do the job.

The right interstate mover will provide you with a quote and assure you that the contents of your old home reach your new one as quickly and easily as possible. It’s all too easy to get fed up with the process of researching, thinking about finding a removalist, or even just dealing with the move in general, and just point your finger at the yellow pages at random in frustration. Not a wise decision! Which removalist you choose is one of the defining factors in how your moving process will turn out, and selecting the right one will make all the difference. It is no doubt that moving interstate can be maddeningly stressful but interstate moves don’t have to be a nightmare!

There are certainly online services that can help ease the process of finding the best interstate removalists who have a wide network of removal specialists on hand, where you get interstate removal quotes and compare between the different companies to help with your interstate move. No matter how complicated it is getting from Point A to Point B, the right removalists will be able to handle it with ease.

Best of luck with your interstate move.