Swimming Pool Removal, Excavation, Demolition & Pool Filling Services Sydney

In Ground/Above Ground Pool Removals/Fiber Glass Pool Removal/Filling In (Fill In Pools) Sydney

In-ground pool removal service includes:

  • Free telephone discussion, with additional inspection and evaluation if required.
  • Free planning and estimating.
  • Free written quote and explanation.
  • Detailed contract with fixed prices and no deposit fixed starting date.
  • Pool fences and shrubs removed, either replaced or disposed of.
  • Utilities disconnected, pool shed, pump and filter removed.
  • Removal from site of all pool equipment, metal, wood and plastic.
  • All concrete broken to 12"x12" or smaller pieces and placed in pool hole if allowed, or hauled away if required.
  • Pool hole filled in with soil from reputable supplier, no waste or soil from commercial sites.
  • Pool area compacted and rough graded.
  • Graded to proper elevation.
  • Screened top soil applied.
  • Written watering instructions provided for caring for turf.
  • Sub soil raked again.
  • Pool area re-turfed or prepared for tiling as required.
Taking/Removing Pool Out Sydney: filling in/closing in ground swimming pool

Ground pool removal service includes:

  • Pool pumped out.
  • Removal of pool, deck and equipment.
  • Filling of concave hole under pool, if required.
  • Removal of sand under pool, if required.
  • Application of top soil, if required.
  • Returfing of area, if required.

What we do when removing your pool.

  1. First, pool pavers, fencing around the pool and other materials have to be removed.
  2. Plumbing and drainage fixtures have to be removed as necessary.
  3. Our crews arrive with jackhammers and break up the pool concrete. This can easily take a full day and in some cases, a backhoe with a jack hammer attachment will need to be used.
  4. On the following day, a backhoe with a bucket attachment is brought in to remove the concrete. Alternatively, the concrete might be broken up and left in the bottom of the pool.
  5. Topsoil is used to fill the pool cavity and is carefully smoothed out over the surface.
  6. Your swimming pool needs to be filled in correctly so as to ensure no land subsidence occurs before you build or extend over.

To get rid of swimming pool in sydney and for pool removal, excavation, pool filling, taking pool out & all your pool removal need, call ABA Pool Removals (licensed pool removalist in sydney) on 02 9627 9188, or complete our online enquiry form.

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